08 May 2011

Writing, Lurking or... ?

This blog is titled For the Love of Writing, because I genuinely love to write, but unfortunately I love to read more. And to compound my situation, there are millions (alright 100's) out there who write better than me. Yesterday I read this article that spoke about the 90-9-1 rule. Do read, it is an eye opener (and do come back to read the rest of the post) - http://lithosphere.lithium.com/t5/Building-Community-the-Platform/The-90-9-1-Rule-in-Reality/ba-p/5463 and I realised that I belong to the 90% lurker category, not something I am proud, but I am. I am a proponent of the use of social media in my team and want to seriously come up with plans to use it constructively within our group, however things are easier said than done.
I realised that half the time I do not know what topic to write on, other times I feel that what I have to say is not important. There are times when I do have topics that I want to write but assume that someone would have already written on that and wonder why I have to take the trouble to state the same fact. I barely get time to read these wonderful posts that I am so drained with processing all this information that I give up on any other writing ideas I may have.
I recently joined http://technicalwritingworld.com/ and was surprised with the activity and content available there. I am hoping that I will at least be able to contribute with the discussion forums.
All said and done, the purpose of writing this post was to determine, if I should write to be active in social media or being a lurker works just as well?
Have you faced this conundrum? Also what category do you belong to: 90, 9 or 1?